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Sony VAIO Windows 7 Drivers for SVE11/SVE14/SVE15/SVE17/E-Series
[ · Download from mirror (1.27 GB) ] 2015-02-19, 3:53 PM

Sony VAIO Windows 7 Drivers for SVE11/SVE14/SVE15/SVE17/E-Series


1. Chipset Driver (Intel).exe -
1.1. Intel® 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller.exe -
1.2. Intel® USB 3.0 Driver.exe -
1.3. Intel® Management Engine Interface Driver.exe -
2. AMD Radeon HD Graphics Driver.exe - 8.932.5.7000
2.1. Intel® Wireless Display Driver.exe -
2.2. Intel® HD Graphics driver2.exe -
3. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.exe -
3.1. Audio Driver Registry Patch.exe - 2012 03/07
4. Atheros Bluetooth® Adapter.exe -
4.1. Intel Bluetooth Driver.exe -
5. Atheros Wireless Network Adapter.exe -
5.1. Wireless Lan Driver (Intel).exe -
5.2 Wi-FI Direct Support.exe -
6. Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.exe -
6.1. - 7.051.0116.2012
7. Realtek PCIE CardReader.exe - 6.1.7601.91
8. Synaptics PS-2 Port TouchPad.exe -
9. VAIO Location Utility.exe -
10. Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device.exe -
11. Sony Shared Library.exe -
12. Hotkey Utilities.exe - 1.0
13. VAIO Smart Network.exe -
SVE1111M1EB, SVE1111M1EP, SVE1111M1EW, SVE1111M1RB, SVE1111M1RP, SVE1111M1RW, SVE1112M1EB, SVE1112M1EP, SVE1112M1EW, SVE1411E1RB, SVE1411E1RW, SVE1412E1RB, SVE1412E1RW, SVE1413E1RB, SVE14A1C5E, SVE14A1M6EB, SVE14A1M6EP, SVE14A1M6EW, SVE14A1S1EB, SVE14A1S1EP, SVE14A1S1EW, SVE14A1S1RB, SVE14A1S1RP, SVE14A1S1RW, SVE14A1S6EB, SVE14A1S6EP, SVE14A1S6EW, SVE14A1S6RB, SVE14A1S6RP, SVE14A1S6RW, SVE14A1V1EB, SVE14A1V1EP, SVE14A1V1EW, SVE14A1V1RB, SVE14A1V1RP, SVE14A1V1RW, SVE14A1V6EB, SVE14A1V6EP, SVE14A1V6EW, SVE14A1V6RB, SVE14A1V6RP, SVE14A1V6RW, SVE14A1X1EH, SVE14A1X1ES, SVE14A1X1RH, SVE14A1X1RS, SVE14A2A4E, SVE14A2B4E, SVE14A2C5E, SVE14A2M1EB, SVE14A2M1EP, SVE14A2M1EW, SVE14A2M1RW, SVE14A2M2RS, SVE14A2M6EB, SVE14A2M6EP, SVE14A2M6EW, SVE14A2V1EB, SVE14A2V1EP, SVE14A2V1EW, SVE14A2V1RB, SVE14A2V1RP, SVE14A2V1RPI, SVE14A2V1RW, SVE14A2V1RWI, SVE14A2V2ES, SVE14A2V2RS, SVE14A2V6RB, SVE14A2V6RP, SVE14A2V6RW, SVE14A2X1EB, SVE14A2X1EH, SVE14A2X1EP, SVE14A2X1EW, SVE14A2X2ES, SVE1511A1EB, SVE1511A1EW, SVE1511A4E, SVE1511B1EB, SVE1511B1EW, SVE1511B1RB, SVE1511B1RW, SVE1511B4E, SVE1511C1RB, SVE1511C1RSI, SVE1511C1RW, SVE1511C4E, SVE1511C5E, SVE1511D1EW, SVE1511D4E, SVE1511E4E, SVE1511F1EB, SVE1511F1ESI, SVE1511F1EW, SVE1511F4E, SVE1511G1EB, SVE1511G1ESI, SVE1511G1EW, SVE1511G4E, SVE1511H1ESI, SVE1511H1EW, SVE1511H4E, SVE1511J1EB, SVE1511J1ESI, SVE1511J1EW, SVE1511K1EB, SVE1511K1ESI, SVE1511K1EW, SVE1511L1EW, SVE1511M1EB, SVE1511M1ESI, SVE1511N1EB, SVE1511N1ESI, SVE1511N1RB, SVE1511N1RSI, SVE1511N1RW, SVE1511P1EW, SVE1511Q1EB, SVE1511Q1ESI, SVE1511R9EB, SVE1511R9ESI, SVE1511S1ESI, SVE1511S1EW, SVE1511S9RB, SVE1511T1EB, SVE1511T1RB, SVE1511T1RSI, SVE1511T1RW, SVE1511V1EW, SVE1511V1RB, SVE1511V1RSI, SVE1511V1RW, SVE1511W1EB, SVE1511W1ESI, SVE1511X1EB, SVE1511X1ESI, SVE1511X1RB, SVE1511X1RSI, SVE1511X1RW, SVE1511Y1ESI, SVE1511Z1EB, SVE1512A4E, SVE1512B1EW, SVE1512B4E, SVE1512C1RB, SVE1512C4E, SVE1512C6EB, SVE1512C6EW, SVE1512D1RB, SVE1512D1RW, SVE1512D4E, SVE1512E1EB, SVE1512E1ESI, SVE1512E1EW, SVE1512E4E, SVE1512E6EB, SVE1512E6EW, SVE1512F1RW, SVE1512G1RB, SVE1512G1RW, SVE1512H1EB, SVE1512H1ESI, SVE1512H1EW, SVE1512H1RB, SVE1512H1RSI, SVE1512H1RW, SVE1512H6EB, SVE1512H6EW, SVE1512I1ESI, SVE1512J1EW, SVE1512J6EB, SVE1512J6ESI, SVE1512J6EW, SVE1512K1EB, SVE1512K1ESI, SVE1512K1RW, SVE1512L1RW, SVE1512M1EW, SVE1512M6EB, SVE1512M6ESI, SVE1512M6EW, SVE1512N1EB, SVE1512N1ESI, SVE1512N1RB, SVE1512N1RW, SVE1512P1EB, SVE1512Q1EW, SVE1512Q1RB, SVE1512Q1RW, SVE1512R1EW, SVE1512R1RW, SVE1512S1EW, SVE1512S1RW, SVE1512T1ESI, SVE1512U1ESI, SVE1512W1EB, SVE1512W1ESI, SVE1512W1RB, SVE1512X1ESI, SVE1512X9EB, SVE1512Y1ESI, SVE1512Y1RB, SVE1512Z1EB, SVE15136CAW, SVE1711A4E, SVE1711B4E, SVE1711C5E, SVE1711F1EW, SVE1711G1EB, SVE1711G1EW, SVE1711G1RB, SVE1711G1RW, SVE1711H1EB, SVE1711H1EW, SVE1711J1EB, SVE1711J1EW, SVE1711K1EB, SVE1711K1EW, SVE1711L1EB, SVE1711L1EW, SVE1711P1EW, SVE1711Q1EB, SVE1711Q1RB, SVE1711Q1RW, SVE1711R1EB, SVE1711S9EB, SVE1711S9RB, SVE1711T1EB, SVE1711T1RB, SVE1711V1EB, SVE1711V1RB, SVE1711W1EB, SVE1711X1EB, SVE1711Z1EB, SVE1711Z1RB, SVE1712A4E, SVE1712B4E, SVE1712C1EB, SVE1712C1EW, SVE1712C5E, SVE1712E1RB, SVE1712E1RW, SVE1712F1EB, SVE1712F1EW, SVE1712H1EB, SVE1712H1EW, SVE1712K1EW, SVE1712L1EB, SVE1712L1EW, SVE1712M1EW, SVE1712N1EB, SVE1712P1EB, SVE1712P1RB, SVE1712Q1EW, SVE1712S1EB, SVE1712S1RB, SVE1712S1RW, SVE1712T1EB, , SVE1712T1RB, SVE1712V1EB, SVE1712V1RB, SVE1712W1EB, SVE1712Z1EB, SVE1712Z1RB, SVE11113FXB, SVE11113FXW, SVE11125CXB, SVE11125CXW, SVE14112FXB, SVE14112FXP, SVE14112FXW, SVE14114FXB, , SVE14116FXBSVE14116FXP, SVE14116FXW, SVE14117FXB, SVE14118FXB, SVE14118FXP, SVE14118FXW, SVE141190X, SVE1411BFXP, SVE1411BFXW, SVE1411CFXW, SVE1411DFXB, SVE1411DFXP, SVE1411DFXW, SVE1411EGXB, SVE1411HFXW, SVE1411JFXB, SVE1411JFXP, SVE1411JFXW, SVE1411MFXB, SVE1411MFXP, SVE1411MFXW, SVE14122CXB, SVE14122CXP, SVE14122CXW, SVE14125CXB, SVE14125CXP, SVE14125CXW, SVE14126CXB, SVE14126CXP, SVE14126CXW, SVE14127CXB, SVE14127CXP, SVE14127CXW, SVE141290X, SVE1412BCXB, SVE1412CCX/B, SVE1412CCXP, SVE1412CCXW, SVE1412DPX/B, SVE1412ECXB, SVE1412ECXP, SVE1412ECXW, SVE14A190X, SVE14A1HFXB, SVE14A1HFXBC, SVE14A25CXH, SVE14A25CXS, SVE14A27CXH, SVE14A290X, SVE15112FXS, SVE15113FXS, SVE15114FXS, SVE15115FXS, SVE151190X, SVE1511AFXS, SVE1511BGXS, SVE1511CFXS, SVE1511DFYS, SVE1511GFXW, SVE1511HFXW, SVE1511JFXW, SVE1511KFXW, SVE1511MFXS, SVE1511NFXS, SVE1511PGX/S, SVE1511RFXB, SVE1511RFXW, SVE15122CXB, SVE15122CXP, SVE15122CXW, SVE15124CXP, SVE15124CXS, SVE15124CXW, SVE15125CXS, SVE15125CXW, SVE15126CXP, SVE15126CXS, SVE15126CXW, SVE15127CXS, SVE15127CXW, SVE15128CXS, SVE151290X, SVE1512BCXS, SVE1512BCXW, SVE1512FCXW, SVE1512GCXS, SVE1512GCXW, SVE1512HCXS, SVE1512JCXW, SVE1512KCXS, SVE1512MPXS, SVE1512NCXB, SVE17122CXB, SVE17125CXB, SVE17127CXB, SVE171290X, SVE1712ACXB, SVE1712BCXB
Category: Drivers | Added by: gelamac74 | Tags: E-Series, SVE17, SVE11, VAIO, SVE14, SVE15, sony
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