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Steel Ocean
[ · Download from mirror () ]2015-11-19, 12:10 PM

“Steel Ocean” is a 3D TPS multi-player online game in the background of the sea battle in the World War 2. The players may choose the different types of warships from different countries for battle. The game provides various game modes as matching, drill, fleet, etc.; the gameplay methods as occupying the base of the opponent, fighting for the neutral zone, etc.; and several scenario maps with various tactic options. The player may research and develop the high level warships. Start your voyage with your own warship!



System Requirements

OS : Windows XP/Vista or Windows XP/7
CPU : Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz or Intel Core i3 530
RAM : 1GB or 2GB
Graphic-card : NVIDIA Geforce FX5200 or NVIDIA Geforce 8600GT
(ATI Radeon X300 or ATI Radeon 2600XT)
HDD : 3GB(Maximum)
DirectX : DirectX 9.0c

Game Features:

Essence of team play: Tactics first

  • 6 warship types and over 100 famous warships with distinctive features.
    Steel Ocean presents the 6 most representative warships of the modern and contemporary naval system, namely, destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, battleship, carrier, and particularly the “deep sea killer” – submarine, appearing for the first time.
  • Incorporating hundreds of classic tactics, and supporting the original tactic system.
    Steel Ocean also restores hundreds of classic sea battle tactics and sea battle maps. The players may replay the “Wolf pack tactics”, “Competing for T head” and other famous tactics at real time, and independently design the new tactics based on the maps, natural environment, weather conditions, warship combination and other objective factors.
  • Diversified competition modes, and team play varying from modes.
    The actual sea warfare is not merely the exchange of firepower. Steel Ocean provides tens of combat modes, from the MOBA random matching for combat, the battle to seize the isle for testing the team tactics, to the short distance contact battle without isle, combat of small teams in different sizes, and even the super large legion PVP battlefield in the boundless water…, available to meet the different requirements of game players. Each mode includes several sets of applicable tactics and derivative skills, bringing the endless and changeable battlefield experience.
  • Highly immersive interactive map to restore World War II scenarios.
    The development team of Steel Ocean accurately simulates the isles, reefs, buildings, metrological, weather conditions, etc. of many sea areas in the world, based on the results of consulting extensive historic records and many times of site surveys, and the actual geographic environment data.
  • Separated Damage Calculation system to ensure more accurate attack.
    In addition to the original damage calculation by health bars of the TPS vehicle war games, Steel Ocean is incorporated with the separated damage calculation system (“SDC”).
  • Commanded by hundreds of officers of World War II, providing warships with tactic soul.
    Steel Ocean includes the innovative warship commander system, incorporated with hundreds of famous navy generals during the 2nd World War, based on the actual history of the period, to impart the cold warships with the different tactic features.
  • Unique legion system to create super marine legions.
    The fleet guild system provides a big platform for players to communicate on tactics, and also combines the team play and the fleet growth mechanism into one.
  • Built-in radio voice to effectively restore maritime communication.
    One of the most critical factors deciding the success or failure of a military operation is intelligence. The information communication at any place and at any time is the basis for the battle with the team collaboration, and the key for realizing the strategic cooperation of multiple warship types in the modern sea battles.


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