FumeFX 4.0 for Max, Maya 2016 [ FumeFX All Version 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 3d ]
2016-11-11, 7:39 PM

What's New in FumeFX 4

- New, faster solver.
- New vorticity type.
- Sharpening of various channels during the simulation.
- New burning model with oxygen.
- Wavelet or Post simulation to be able to wait for caches (DC-deferred caches option).
- Infinite nesting of N-Sim grids.
- Faster cache pre-processing at render time.
- Email notifications.
- Spline Follow force.
- Faster application of objects and sources.
- Defector objects voxelization resolution and minimal voxelization.
- OpenVDB support.
- Effector has an option to use a 3D Texmap for input.
- Field3D and OpenVDB importer allows for channel assignment.
- PRT|PDC particle system.
- Direct picking of ParticleFlow events.
- ParticleFlow float and vector channel access.
- Motion blur rendering support.
- Black-body shader.
- Support for VRay’s deep data.
- Sharpening of fire and smoke at render time.
- Faster mental ray shader Illumination Map computation
- Faster rendering preprocessing.
- Recently used caches list.
- Caches drag and drop.
- Quick path/filename versioning.
- Cache files delete.
- FumeFX.ini location can be defined with the environment variable FUMEFX_INI.
- Read-only mode so that user can’t overwrite caches by an accident.
- CPU Preview Window can have shadows as well.
- Shadows inside the 3ds max viewport.
- Preview Window exact window size.
- MXS: CancelSimulation(), StopSimulation(),DeleteCaches(),ResizePreview(width, height).
- Support for 64-bit Windows only.



Download FumeFX 3.5 for 3DS Max 2013

Download FumeFX 3.5.1 x32-64 Max 2012-2014

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Download FumeFX 4.0 for Maya 2016

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