Sitni Sati AfterBurn V4.0D for 3DSmax 2012 x32x64
2012-04-08, 6:46 PM

The Widowmaker, HBO trailer, Mechwarrior3 cine trailer, various IMAX movies and games such as Warcraft3, Starcraft, Sin and many others.

This all-in-one solution enables rendering of ultra realistic effects ranging from clouds, pyroclastic smoke, dust, superb explosions effects, liquid metals, water and various procedurally defined "hard" objects.


AfterBurn 4.0b

- fixed: Object shadows are now listed when you write inside MXS listener: show $
NumSubs() now returns 2
- fixed: accessing AB Shadow Map via MXS, resulted in system exception
- fixed: AfterBurn's metaball HyperSolids render bug fix
- added: Shadow Map will now display a name of the light for which it's built
- fixed: Noise PW crash fix
- fixed: The AfterBurn Wind and VMap Daemons' rollout didn't appear in the AfterBurn UI when you select them in the Source Particles/Daemons window.
- fixed: black spots with Octane Shader

AfterBurn 4.0

AfterBurn 4.0 delivers rendering speed improvements, workflow enhancements and modularity/extensibility.

AfterBurn 4.0 is a $135 upgrade for existing AfterBurn 3.2 users.
Users that have purchased AfterBurn 3.2 after October 1st, 2007 are entitled for a free upgrade.

Here is a shortlist of what’s new in AfterBurn 4.0:

- New AfterBurn Shadow Map brings a great speed improvement without significant shadow quality loss. Speed improvement over Raytraced Shadows in AfterBurn 3.2 can be more than a factor of five for dynamic scenes and even up to factor of ten for static cloud animations.

- AfterBurn no longer needs special type of shadows to be able to calculate self-shadowing effect as it supports standard light’s interface for atmospheric shadows (light’s "Atmosphere Shadows” option).

- FusionWorks support. AfterBurn will properly blend with FumeFX, ScatterVL Pro and Standard 3ds max Fog. FusionWorks support also brings output to FusionWorks Z-Depth Render Element as well as output to non-clamped colors, used in .exr, or .hdr file formats.

- AFC View is a new workflow improvement that allows users to edit all AFCs and Gradients from one place.

- Geometry Clipping option enables that particles that are contained inside geometry do not render outside of it.

- Completely reworked built-in noise types are now in form of a plug-ins for AfterBurn that can also be developed by 3rd parties. New 3D Texture Map allows users to use 3ds max 3D Map as a noise generator inside AfterBurn.

- AfterBurn Daemons user interface is displayed directly inside AfterBurn UI.

- New Cebas’ ThinkingParticles controller that allows using TP’s channels to replace AfterBurn values.

- New max script functionality.

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