MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium
2013-09-29, 3:04 AM
Create your own songs

Simply combine loops using drag & drop and create your own hit tracks in a matter of minutes.
Connect a microphone, guitar or keyboard and make your own recordings in studio quality. There's no limit to the creative possibilities

NEW! MAGIX Soundpools : MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium features over 5000 new loops & sounds from the genres of Rock Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Techno, Chillout, Dubstep, House, Metal, Electro and Movie Score. An additional 1000 top sounds are available online.

NEW! Practical Pitch Wizard : The new Pitch Wizard helps you to choose the right pitch for your project. This makes it easy for you to keep the harmonies in tune even if you don't have the musical know-how. Your songs will always sound like they came straight out of a professional studio!


IMPROVED! Redesigned recording feature : The recording function in MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium has been reworked and simplified. Great recordings can now be achieved even faster enabling you to capture your ideas before the inspiration slips away. Simply record your vocals or an instrument such as guitar, bass or keyboard on one track and move on with ease to record the next one.

NEW! Vocal Tune - no more wrong notes : With the addition of Vocal Tune to MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium, the program now has a powerful tool for editing pitch. Based on ProAudio Technology, Vocal Tune offers convenient control and guarantees reliable correction of off-key notes in vocal recordings or from solo instruments while maintaining the natural sound character.

Vandal SE - The guitar and bass amp with authentic sound : Vandal SE is a guitar and bass amplifier with unbelievable sound fidelity and lots of effects for a fantastic rock sound just like pros! TIP! Why stop at rock? Vandal SE is perfect for other styles of music too. Try experimenting with the Vandal SE on pianos, synths, or drums to get a completely unique sound for any genre.

Virtual instruments

Produce your own tracks in your own style – with combinable soundpools, Vita Solo Instruments and the new DN-e1 synthesizer there's no limit to how creative you can be.

NEW! DN-e1 - A spectacular high-end synthesizer : Add some massive electro sounds to your tracks with the DN-e1 virtual analog synthesizer. This high-end synth enables you to generate thick, dynamic sounds quickly and easily. The DN-e1 is a unique addition to the realm of virtual analog synthesizers with unparalleled sounds for melodies and soundscapes and almost limitless possibilities for creative sound design.

Vita 2 - Limitless instrument variety with the ultimate sample player : The Vita 2 sample player is the fastest and easiest way to create your own unique, realistic instruments and add them to your arrangements. With a wide range of integrated filters and effects like delay, reverb and a tube distortion section, this powerful workhorse offers complete control of all your instrument compositions in one easy-to-use interface.

BeatBox 2 - Build your own beats : The Beat Box 2 drum machine is ideal for creating pulsating beats and infectious grooves. BeatBox 2 has it all – dynamic drum kits, unlimited possibilities for sound shaping, high-quality effects, and much more. The tried and tested BeatBox step principle is fun and quickly provides exciting results. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, it's never been easier to build complex and layered beats!

Drum Engine - Perfect percussion : With the Drum Engine you can create amazingly dynamic and powerful drums. From modern drum kits to vintage drum sounds this instrument offers a wide range of variations and options.

Jazz Drums - 100% Jazz Feeling : Jazz Drums brings the cool atmosphere of an underground jazz club into your MAGIX Music Maker session. The realistic sound of the jazz brushes, tom toms, ride cymbals and hi-hats will give each track a distinct feel and character. But why stop at jazz? These unique drum sounds can be used to add some groove and dynamic to productions in any music genre.

NEW! Power Guitar* - Powerful & energetic guitar riffs : Power Guitar is the perfect choice for rocking guitar riffs, intense overdrive sounds and aggressive power chords. Power Guitar was developed in close cooperation with numerous producers and studio guitarists to ensure authentic playability and precision sound recreation down to the finest detail.

* Power Guitar is offered as a free download after program installation

NEW! Electric Piano - Charming electronic keys : This charismatic electric piano offers a unique palette of rich piano sounds for your productions. Electric piano is a multifaceted instrument for creating dynamic keyboard arrangements with an organic feel whether soft and warm or distorted and aggressive.

NEW! Pop Brass - Crystal clear horns : Pop Brass provides modern horn sounds recorded by professional session musicians in a world-class studio. Trombones, trumpets, saxophones and more – the wide range of playing styles offers the perfect accent for any kind of production.

NEW! Vintage Organ - Awesome retro organ sounds : Vintage Organ captures the classic organ sounds of the 60s and 70s with unbelievable precision and authenticity. The unmistakable sound of this instrument is perfect for adding some warmth and charm to your tracks. Choose from a huge variety of top quality organ sounds and add a bit of music history to your productions.

Integrated MIDI Editor for creating your own melodies : With the MIDI Editor you can create your own melodies using virtual instruments or easily change existing ones. Even without previous musical knowledge, you can easily write notes using the mouse. You'll compose your own songs in no time at all!

VST support for extra instruments and effects : MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium now has integrated VST support, making it easy to add other instruments and effects. You also have the option of adding more Vita Solo Instruments.

Catooh - The Online Media Marketplace - Expand your sound : The Catooh Online Media Marketplace offers a huge selection of soundpools and sound effects that you can use to expand your sound archive. Simply connect directly from the program, make your purchases and download your new sounds directly into Music Maker.


Studio effects for a professional mix : Thanks to the integrated mixer and studio-quality effects all of your songs will have real hit potential! And there's no limit to the number of tracks you can use! Use the mixer to adjust the volume of each track and add amazing effects to make your music more brilliant, pumping, and crystal clear! Tip! A vast selection of effects and presets designed by pro audio engineers makes it easy to find your own sound and create the perfect mix.

Exclusively in the Premium Version : Mix and export your own songs and albums in genuine 5.1 Surround Sound!

Mix your own tracks just like the pros : The FX rack displays all important effects at a glance and guarantees perfect sound. The integrated effects such as the equalizer, reverb, delay and the pitch and tempo section turn experimenting into a real experience!

essentialFX - Powerful tools for the perfect sound : With the essentialFX effects series, any sound or loop can be changed quickly and easily. Effects like chorus or flanger are great for genuine sound design with intense character. Get the sound of the pros on your own PC now – no previous experience required!

Uncompromising sound thanks to the Vintage Effects Suite : Vintage effects offer even more possibilities! Add your own unique touch using effects designed for every music style. Even beginners can get the most from the Vintage Effects by using the handy presets that are guaranteed to produce impressive results.

Mastering Tools

NEW! Auto Mastering: Fully automatic final touches for perfect sounding results : Mastering is one of the most demanding and specialized aspects of music production and requires extensive experience with the perception of sound. Now thanks to the new Auto Mastering feature anyone can achieve impressive results! A wide range of professionally designed presets enable you to find the right sound for your songs in the blink of an eye. The Clone Function also makes it possible to transfer sounds from your favorite songs and bands to your own tracks. Anyone who wants to create a more personalized sound can use the multitude of processing options offered in the Mastering Suite 4.

Mastering Suite 4 - The ultimate mastering tools for the perfect sound : Mastering Suite 4 provides a professional platform for editing your music and is guaranteed to deliver excellent sound and amazing results. The parametric 6-band equalizer is perfect for rounding out the frequency response in your productions. The high-performance StereoFX module expands the width of the stereo image and the MultiMax multiband compressor/limiter adds a smooth, warm sound.


Create remixes : Now you can take your favorite songs from TV & radio and change them any way you want to make your own remixes!
To make sure your new creations are as good as they can be, MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium offers some useful tools to help you along the way. The Remix Agent and the Remix Maker are great for determining BPM, creating loops and developing new combinations.

Remix loops intuitively : The new Loop Designer boasts a multitude of options for remixing your own loops. Change the rhythm, apply filters, reverse it or use the randomize feature to let the program remix it for you. Load loops easily, add any change you want and make your own loop creations! Thanks to the intuitive nature of the program and the numerous presets you can make completely unique loops and use them in your own songs. PLUS! Add music videos and dub them yourself. Simply import video clips, create your own songs to accompany them and export everything or publish it online on YouTube.

Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
- Processor: 2 GHz or higher
- RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
- Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
- Sound card: Internal sound card
- Hard disk memory: 9 GB free disk space for program installation
- Optical drive: DVD drive (only for installation of the box version)
- Internet connection: An Internet connection is required to activate the software

Language: English





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