NextLimit RealFlow Ver 2012 0.2.0085 x64
2013-01-29, 2:52 PM



RealFlow is the definitive tool for creating flawless large- and small-scale fluid and dynamics simulations straight out of the box.

Huge improvements to Hybrido workflow and performance for RealFlow 2012!

Dripping water, automatic foam generation, faster simulations and lower memory use
New emitters: Wet, Waterline, Splash&Foam, Wet&Foam
Faster input/output operations
Distance and velocity fields and velocity and vorticity maps can now be exported
Greater controllability of fluid surface – new method of combining particles and fluid fields.
Better control of the strength of interaction between objects and fluids
Secondary splashes

The new version improves workflow and improved performance of the module Hybrido.It is the creation of dripping water, automatic generation of foam, new emitters (Wet, Waterline, Splash and Foam, Wet and Foam), an improved control of surface water.

It also has a new tool for the destruction of the Voronoi method.And yet - a new tool Retimer, who with a few mouse clicks you can add special effects such as bullet-time, or slowing down.The changes were made ??and the interface.A new Layers palette and change the icons on the toolbars.

Plugins for:
Cinema 4d
3ds max










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