Quixel Suite 2
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Quixel has released the Quixel Suite, a set of tools that expand the capabilities of Photoshop for 3D Artists. The Suite is meant to be the definitive texturing tools for 3D workflows for people that like to use photoshop in their pipeline.

Quixel Suite allows you to create PBR accurate textures, Normal mapping and offers a material previewer that is directly connected to photoshop.


Quixel Suite NDO, 3DO & DDO

Quixel NDO, DDO and 3DO, make up the suite. NDO allows you to create and refine normal mapping details in Photoshop, while DDO lets you build PBR textures quickly, optimizing the workflow. DDO allows you to paint textures that are up to 8k in resolution, using over 500 scan based brushes, as part of the brush starter kit that comes with your purchase.

3DO is a model and material viewer that is directly connected to Photoshop, allowing you to view your project without leaving the space. 3DO offers seamless integration and workflow, between Photoshop and Quixel Suite 2.

With the special release offer, you can get Quixel Suite 2 for now for just $99. Remember that Quixel is only under the Windows platform. Visit Quixel.se to learn more, or purchase Quixel Suite 2.0.


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