RealFlow 2013
2013-05-31, 3:29 PM
Next Limit have released the latest version of their fluid simulation tool, RealFlow 2013.

Realflow 2013.rar   186.55 MB

RealFlow 2013 Top Features:
Improved Large-Scale Fluid Solver: Hybrido 2
New base solver for incredible detail.
New Splash and Foam emitters handled quickly.

Enhanced Workflow: RealFlow Graphs
New, visual node-based method to set up links between scene elements.
Create RealFlow Simulation Graphs wherever and whenever during the simulation so you can create/modify/extract data from scene elements.

Quick High-Quality Previews: Maxwell Render
Preview your simulation renders in the background with Maxwell Render quality.
Photorealistc Maxwell Render materials provided

New File Formats: Alembic
New file formats allow you greater flexibility in your pipeline and provide efficient data interchange.

Improved Fracturing Tool
Faster fractures with more controllability.

Improved meshing algorithms: RealFlow RenderKit
New meshing algorithms mean a much thinner, more detailed mesh.

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NextLimit RealFlow Ver 2012_0_2_0085_x64.rar172.37 MB

RealFlow.v2012.0.0.0055.x64_all_Plugins.rar200.05 MB


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