The Foundry Mari v1.3 x86/x64
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Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX texture and matte painting artists, MARI is a 3D digital paint tool that will revolutionize your workflow. Capable of handling vast numbers of pixels, MARI outperforms all other paint tools in speed, flexibility, and processing capabilities. MARI allows artists to concentrate on painting detailed, multi-layered textures directly onto 3D models in a fluid and natural way.

Mari was originally developed at Weta Digital. The technology was driven by the texture department's need to handle complex, high-resolution textures on 3D models in District9, The Lovely Bones and Avatar.

Born out of genuine production experience, Mari was designed as a full 3D paint tool with a responsiveness and feature set that puts even the best dedicated 2D paint systems to shame. Mari is extremely scalable, coping easily with an obsessive level of detail – literally tens of thousands of textures – quickly and elegantly.


Mari was developed by a New Zealand company Weta Digital, which was used in such films as the District 9, The Lovely Bones and Avatar. Mari is intended only for texturing 3D-models. From analogues (Zbrush, Mudbox, Blender, 3d-coat) is different for up to several thousands of large textures (32k to 32k pixels) on the model, greater speed of working with large textures, greater opportunities for visualization, flexible engine, brushes, animation support, and the ability to create animated textures.
Recommended Graphics Cards: 
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 
* NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 
* NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M 
* NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 
* NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 
* NVIDIA Quadro (Fermi Series) 5000 
* NVIDIA Quadro (Fermi Series) 6000



* Fully customisable brush engine 
* 'Paint through' and 'clone from' between layers and textures (including 'clone from' on-surface) 
* 'Slurp' brush for smearing and dragging texture 
* Paint canvas transform, grid warp and free-form 'pin' warp 
* Blur and sharpen, including on-surface, multiple UV patches simultaneously 
* Advanced 'healing' brush for seam removal and duplication of texture detail



* Filters with real-time preview 
* Advanced channel masking engine, including mask painting, surface falloff, masking one channel to another, and by depth 
* Supports customisable real-time 3D shader preview (e.g. specular highlights, displacement preview via bump mapping, ambient occlusion, layer blending modes, colour correction and more 
* Customisable tool 'shelves' for brushes, colours, reference images, sharable between artist and projects 
* Floating point, 16 bit or 8 bit channels 
* All painting and shading tools are available in 3D projection paint mode and 'flat' UV paint mode 
* Background plates for reference 
* Imports multiple camera moves through which the model can be viewed



* obj model format support 
* Multiple objects, versions (e.g. high res or in key character poses), instances, with or without baked animation 
* Interactively handles very large 3D model data sets, scaling to over 1 million polygons for a single topology or mesh 
* Supports large textures up to 32K x 32K pixels 
* Handles thousands of textures per model, over many channels 
* Seamlessly supports hundreds of UV texture patches 
* Handles animated geometry and animated textures 
* Isolate, select, mask and hide geometry per patch and face 
* Customisable lighting and rendering modes 
* Massive geometry and texture data sets not limited by the amount of RAM



* Linux 
* High quality turntable rendering 
* Flatten and round-trip projected textures for modifying externally (for example in NUKE or Adobe© Photoshop©) 
* Open and extensible approach to UI, geometry, camera, shading, and supporting light and texture exchange 
* Import and export as background tasks, allowing the artist to continue painting 
* Embedded web browser for quick access to community forum 
* Fully featured and open playtime colour management system 
* Filters with real-time preview and fully featured colour correction


OS: WinAll 

Language: English

 The Foundry  Mari 1.4v1b1  Win64


 The Foundry Mari 2.6v4 



The Foundry Mari 2.5v1 win64


The Foundry Mari 1.5v2


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