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Particles and Dynamics using RealFlow
2012-07-04, 2:32 AM

Physical simulations are cool, most of us in vfx think so anyway. Once you know the basics of how to set them up in a software package, you could spend hours watching them tick along, doing randomly cool things. What's tough is making simulations do what you need for a shot. It isn't good enough that the results look damn sweet, but they have to look damn sweet while doing what the agency approved in the boards. It's all about control, making the sim do what you need it to. And that's what this course is about. These lessons will go thru a range of common needs in production and teach you how to control the simulations. Along the way we'll also nail most of the common problems that artists run into with RealFlow.

Category: Tutorials | Added by: gelamac74
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