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TKActions V5
[ · Download from mirror () ]2017-02-03, 6:52 AM

The TKActions V5 panel is a custom panel that works in Photoshop CS6 and all version of Photoshop CC, including the most recent CC 2017. It displays like Photoshop's other panels and allows users to play a large variety of actions just by clicking a button. While originally developed to simplify working with luminosity masks, it's continued to expand with additional features and functions. The V5 panel makes is super easy to generate, evaluate, and adjust luminosity masks in order to find or create the one that best selects the desired tones in the image. It also runs Photoshop from one compact module and provides scripts to play complex actions to enhance an image. Full details about this new panel are in the Instructions PDF. Sean Bagshaw has also recorded a comprehensive set of videos that covers all aspects of installing and using the panel. More information on the videos can be found below.

The TKActions V5 panel is no longer a large mega-panel that tries to include everything in one space. Instead, it's a series of modules that can be arranged as the user sees fit. Each module is its own small panel that can be opened, closed, moved, or docked depending on the workspace. A compact footprint when space is tight, like on a laptop, but also spread out on larger monitors for easier access to all the functions.

The TKActions V5 panel is entirely new and was developed from the ground up. While it contains some familiar features from previous versions, the code was completely rewritten to take advanage of the latest advances in luminosity masks and to provide a better user experience. The newest innovations are listed below.

  • Mask-based interface−The user sees luminosity masks up front to make intelligent choices about which one to use.
  • Luminosity Lock/Rapid Mask−A faster way to make luminosity masks. The masks are still the same 16-bit, self-feathering masks made using Photoshop calculations but are now available up to 90% faster to provide a more real-time experience.
  • Extended spectrums in ALL channels−The V5 doesn't stop at luminosity. It taps into pixel data for component color channels, saturation, color, and even Color Range and then makes Lights, Darks, Midtones, and Zone masks for any of these channels.
  • Enhanced "Pick" button−The pick button keeps track of the channel selected by the user and picks a Zone mask corresponding to that channel.
  • Improved Zone masks−Better, more targeted Zone masks to make more precise masks and selections.
  • Mask modification−The traditional luminosity are just the beginning. Any mask can be expanded, contracted, "infinitized," blurred, or focused in real time with a single button click. Creating the perfect mask has never been easier.
  • Integrated 16-bit workflow−Enhanced output options insure maintenance of 16-bit masks whenever possible.
  • Quick-click Control module−Provides access to many of the most common Photoshop commands without navigating menus or remembering keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fast-learn Intro module−Creates a simplified learning environment. Photographers new to these techniques can quickly generate, see, and deploy luminosity mask in multiple ways to understand how luminosty masks work.
  • Comprehensive RapidMask module−Offers the entire range of channels, masks, modifications, and output options to provide a complete resource for pixel-based masking.
  • Unique "Auto-Apply" option−Create, change, and modify luminoisty masks directly on a layer's layer mask to instantly see how different masks affect the image.
  • History tracking−The History panel now tracks which luminoisty mask was generated so users know which mask they used.
  • Lots of new actions−The Actions module has many new actions to creatively enhance images including the return of the "Triple Play" that was requested by several users.
  • Infinitized "View" mode−Active selections can be quickly modified by viewing the corresponding mask and adjusting it in real time using a Levels command.
  • Updated web-sharpening−Web-sharpening is smarter than ever. In addition to advanced sharpening for web output, users can also select options to convert the sharpened image to the sRGB profile, run an action after sharpening, or choose an "Extra Sharp" option for images with lots of detail.
  • Batch web-sharpening−A new section allows entire folders of images to be sharpened and saved for the web using the same options for sharpening a single image. (CC version only.)
  • Rollover help−Rolling the mouse over any button displays a help message in the window at the bottom of the module about what the button does. (CC version only.)
  • Multiple languages−The V5 panel works in any language version of Photoshop, plus users can choose from four different languages as the preferred interface: English, German, Italian, and Spanish. (CC version only.)
  • Color dimmer−Users can select from 11 different levels of color in the panel. (CC version only.)
  • Active selection indicator−Now with a smaller footprint and different display options, this image turns on at the top of each module when there is an active selection even if no marching ants are visible. (CC version only.)

The TKActions V5 panel is meant transform the way we use luminosity masks. Smaller, smarter, faster, and more fun to use, it is the ultimate resource to understand, access, and add luminosity masks to a creative workflow.

Sean Bagshaw Videos—Sean Bagshaw is an expert user of luminosity masks, and his video series Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition has helped many photographers learn to use luminosity masks successfully in their photographs.

For the new TKActions V5 panel, Sean recorded 21 new videos that provide comprehensive instruction on how to use this tool. While the panel may look a bit overwhelming at first glance, Sean examines the modules and sections in detail to show how a desired result can be readily achieved using the panel's buttons. The videos cover how to install the panel, how to use the various buttons on the panel, and ways to incorporate the panel into a any image-processing workflow. Sean has a unique ability to explain even complicated things in a manner that makes them understandable to almost everyone, and while the panel really isn't all that complex, Sean shows just how easy it is to use. The "V5 Video Guide" series is avialble on the  Panels & Videos  page. Sample videos from the series are below.

IF YOU LIKED TKActions V5 panel PLS BUY!!!

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