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Battlefield 2 Server Common Rules
gelamac74Date: Friday, 2012-08-24, 9:12 PM | Message # 1
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Theft of vehicles (when it is in the process of renovation), the intentional killing of a member of the command, not following the line for equipment (airplane, helicopter, etc.)-
- punishment permanent ban.

1) No disrespectful or offensive language or behavior allowed. This includes player and squad names.

2) Must respect all players.

3) Players are not allowed into the enemy Un-Capturable Base (UCB) for any reason other than for the sole purpose of destroying the enemy's assets (artillery/uav/radar). Restricted acts include:
Entering the UCB with the intent on killing a disoriented spawning player.
Entering the UCB with the intent of stealing any vehicle.
Flying over the UCB for air raids / bombing runs.
Entering the UCB with the intent to lay mines / c4.
Firing into the UCB unless being fired upon from UCB.

4) All players are REQUIRED to PARTICIPATE in a SQUAD.

5) All players are REQUIRED to FOLLOW ORDERS from their squad leader and commander.

6) Audio is required.
Every individual must have the capability to hear the voicecomms of other members of his team. While the use of mics is strongly encouraged, the requirement is that you have VoIP enabled and can hear your teammates. If you are unable to hear, please contact an admin and inform him of your situation.

7) Crack-Jumping is FORBIDDEN.
Crack-Jumping is the act of jumping while engaged in combat or reloading with the intent to avoid being hit. This includes prone spamming.

8) Suicide tactics are FORBIDDEN.
This includes suicide C4 Jeeps, ramming any vehicle and intentionally blowing yourself up to cause the death of another.

9) Commanders MUST make commanding their top priority.

PoE2 addition: Commanders may not use mobile arty or the tomahawk vehicle while commanding.

10. Squad Leader switching is forbidden.
The squad leader is a role with the purpose of leading and providing squad cohesion. The squad leader is not a role for the purpose of providing a swappable spawn point.


A) Players should follow the chain of command. If a player has an issue following the orders of their commander or has specific request for their assignment, they may request it, but it is the commanders final decision as to what that squad is going to be assigned to do.

cool Commanders MUST make their command role their primary activity. A commander should not be engaging in front-line battle if it impedes their ability to command their army and maintain awareness of what each squad is doing. In games where there are less players (i.e. 8v8) then the commander is able to join in the front-line battle.

C) Entering and/or attacking an uncapturable base should be done only with the express purpose of attacking command resources such as artillery emplacements, radar towers/trailers and UAV launchers. Entering an uncapturable base for the express purpose of destroying vehicles and/or camping the uncapturable spawn is prohibited.

12. SPAWN CAMPING - vs - UCB ASSAULTS (Clarification)

13. Purpose

BF2's design dictates that you must attack assets belonging to the opposition and located in their uncapturable base (UCB). Attacks near spawning players can sometimes lead to and/or be mistaken for "spawn camping".

The following details what Tactical Gamer considers spawn camping, makes clear its prohibition on our BF2 server, and attempts to detail what IS permitted when inside the opposition's UCB.

This is a summary of what admins hope to allow and disallow in gameplay. The discretion of the admins and the judgements they make during gameplay are NOT open to debate or discussion while you're ON THE SERVER.

Spawn Camping
On our BF2 server, spawn camping is not permitted.

"Spawn camping" requires a certain INTENT. To spawn camp, it must be your INTENT to EXPLOIT a player's post-spawn lack of orientation while attacking that player. You are sitting (camp), waiting to attack a player immediately after he enters gameplay (spawn). This is spawn camping, and it is not allowed on Tactical Gamer's BF2 server.

Now, some people hear "no spawn camping" and take that to mean that they're not to be in the opposition's UCB at all. This is not the case on our BF2 server.

UCB Assaults
Players acting within their commander's authorization MAY attack structures (UAV Trailer, Radar Dish & Artillery) within the enemy UCB, vehicles within the UCB are OFF LIMITS. These attackers may also STAY in the opposition's UCB to make sure the destroyed structures STAY destroyed. It is the responsibility of the commander to determine if maintaining an assault on the enemy UCB is tactically viable and strategically advisable.

It is the responsibility of the team which owns the UCB to play the necessary defense to remove the attack from their UCB, even if it means pulling soldiers, or even squads, out of the field of battle and "back to base."

During an attack on an enemy's UCB, you MAY attack enemy units attempting to repair UCB assets and may NOT spawn camp.

It is the responsibility of the attacker to not spawn camp while in the opposition UCB, for any reason or amount of time. The attacker may and should defend himself and his fellow soldiers from attack during his objective in the UCB, but at no point may he spawn camp, even if the only alternative is death and/or failing his UCB objective.

If an admin observes your manner of attack and decides your intent is to spawn camp, expect to be treated like a spawn camper, regardless of whether or not that was your intent. Admins understand the heat of battle, and nothing's going to happen to you the first time an enemy on or near his spawn point catches a stray bullet from your rifle while you're engaged in an otherwise-sanctioned firefight, but do your best to avoid spawning players during your objective in the enemy UCB.


Last 100 DEMOS are avalaible  ftp://galanet.asuscomm.com/

username :    bf2

password :  not need

Download the Demo and past in C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\demos

After go to the Community Menu, select the demo and press PLAY.

Demos update every week.
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