Skyshop Image-Based Lighting Tools Shaders
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Marmoset Skyshop is a comprehensive suite of shaders & tools for HDR image-based lighting in Unity. Illuminate your scenes with natural light!

Skyshop's editor tools control importing, converting, and managing panoramic images into HDR cubemaps. A full custom library of shaders is included for fast high-quality rendering from console to mobile.

· Full Unity 5 compatibility
· Support for WebGL & iOS Metal
· Works with Enlighten global illumination
· Support for all rendering paths
(Forward, Deferred, Deferred Legacy)
· SpeedTree shaders
· Compatibility with Shader Forge in Unity 5
· Optional Livenda SSR mode for all shaders
· Faster, mobile-friendly Matte shaders

· Panorama convolution tools
· Mipmapped specular reflection tools
· Sky Triggers for local skies
· ProbRender-to-cubemap tools
· High Dynamic Range (HDR) art pipeline
· RGBM encoded textures (low-memory HDR)
· Radiance HDR & PFM file importers
· Lightmapping integration (bake with HDR skies!)

· iOS & Android support
· Diffuse & Specular image-based lighting
· Gloss maps & per-pixel ctrl of blurry reflection
· Color specular maps
· sRGB rendering
· Deferred & Forward shader paths
· Full shader source included!

- Works in both Unity 4 & Unity 5, Free & Pro



Skyshop Image-Based Lighting Tools Shaders v.1.07


Download Unity Skyshop image based tools shaders

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